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W.D. Frolick's new novel New York City Murders is in the final draft stage and is currently being shopped to traditional publishers. The novel is a stand-alone sequel to The Cabin: A Murder Mystery




NYPD Homicide Detective Buck Woods returns to New York City after what was supposed have been a restful and stress-free six-month sabbatical in his hometown of Orono, Maine. The time off turned out to be the exact opposite of what Woods had expected.


When he arrives back in New York, Woods is teamed up with a "rookie" partner. Detective Kristie Karlsson is an intelligent, sexy, drop-dead gorgeous woman in her late thirties. The two detectives are immediately attracted to one another, and sparks begin to fly.


Woods and Karlsson are assigned cases from the murder of a famous actor on Broadway, to homicide and corruption in the NYPD. They deal with rival gangs and bloodshed on the dirty drug-infested streets of the Bronx and are sent on a risky covert operation half-way around the world. Their mission is to locate, capture and figure out a way to bring a devious, corrupt NYPD cop suspected of murder home to face justice. The problem they face is the country does not have an extradition treaty with the United States.  


Beta-reader Janet Barradas says: "New York City Murders is a gripping page-turning thriller filled with murder, mystery, suspense, intrigue, and an unexpected ending. I envision the novel being made into a movie and becoming a New York Times bestseller."


Beta-reader Norm Ryan says: "I started to read New York City Murders mid-afternoon and couldn't put it down until the last page was finished, after one a.m. the next morning. W.D. Frolick's best novel to date!"